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‘Meeting House’: Sandra Ozzola and Eva Ferri | PublisHer

Publishing consultant Emma House interviews members of the PublisHer community.

Eva Ferri is the publisher of Europa Editions UK and Edizioni E/O in Italy. After studying Philosophy and Public Policy in Rome and at the London School of Economics, she completed a Masters in Philosophy and Jungian Psychoanalysis in Milan. Eva lives in Rome and London.

Sandra Ozzola is the President and Cofounder of Europa Editions and Edizioni E/O. Born in Northern Italy in 1949, Sandra Ozzola studied languages and literature at high school and at university, where she majored in Slavic languages. She moved to Rome in 1969 to continue her studies. In 1979, together with Sandro Ferri (Eva’s father) she founded the Rome-based publishing house Edizioni E/O, where she is now editorial director and manager. In 2005, she and Sandro founded Europa Editions.


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